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Student Organization Posting Policy

Student Activities Posting Guidelines:

Flyer, Banner, Chalking, Mailbox Stuffer, Sticker, & Table Tent Approval Process:

Material Guidelines:

  • The Office of Student Activities approves all materials to be hung, advertised, displayed, etc. at TCNJ
  • Only approved materials may be posted or distributed on the TCNJ campus
  • Must adhere to The College’s policy against harassment and discrimination which states that communications may not be in “offensively coarse language, or any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.” (NJ Criminal Statute NJSA 2C-33-4 Harassment as cited in The College of New Jersey Student Handbook located on-line at )
  • May not make any reference to alcohol or include phrases such as “drink specials.”
  • Must include the full name of the sponsor or sponsors

Posting Approval Process 

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