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Banner Approval


• Banners may only be displayed in approved locations within the Brower Student Center

• Banner space may be reserved up to four weeks per semester, including consecutive weeks

• Banners are approved for 7 day periods (8:00PM, Sunday until 8:00PM, Sunday)

• Organizations may not share or distribute their reserved space time to other groups or organizations

• Banners may not exceed 66” x 96” (twin sheet) and may not weigh more than 3 pounds

• Banners may not have liquids, batteries, sharp objects, or heavy objects attached

• Graphic artist service requests for banners require 14 days for completion. Please submit requests 14 days prior to the requested date of display to ensure your banner will be complete

All banners must be secured and displayed using the hooks provided by the Brower Student Center. Use of tape, rope, twine, or ribbon is prohibited

• Banners must be promptly taken down by the organization at the end of their assigned time period

***Please Note: Requests made Monday-Thursday will be approved within 24 hours of the request. Requests made on Friday will be approved the following business day. Banners are approved for a 7 day period and requests must be made prior to display date.***


Click here to access the banner approval request form