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Green Lawn Wall

Green Lawn Wall was created as an avenue for student organizations and departments to bring awareness to issues through interactive art displays.   This document defines the procedures for the reservation and use of this board

Reservation of Green Lawn Wall is limited to Student Organizations, Schools, Offices, and Departments of The College of New Jersey.  All student organizations must be (1) Recognized by Student Government or Inter Greek Council and (2) Registered with the Office of Student Activities


  • Each semester, the Brower Student Center will send a message to the campus community that we are accepting applications for use of the wall for the following term
  • Due to the limited availability, the Brower Student Center will review all applications received within the allotted time period and assign reservations so as to maximize use by various members of the Campus community.
  • Outside of reservation requests, specific questions about use of the wall should be directed to

Design Approval

All designs must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities for approval according to the following criteria:

Design shall be in compliance with College policy, as well as Federal, State, or Local law.  Examples of policies include, but are not limited to:

  1. Student Organization Privileges and Responsibilities
  2. Fraternity and Sorority Privileges and Responsibilities
  3. Undergraduate Student Conduct Code
  4. Graduate Student Conduct Code
  5. Student Rights and Freedoms Policy
  6. The College of New Jersey Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace/Educational Environment

Designs shall avoid any copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Design shall include the sponsoring organization’s full name.

Reservation Timeline

All reservation requests must be made at least ten (10) business days prior to the desired start date

Display Duration

Reservations will be offered in ten (10) day blocks:

  • Without exception, all reservations will begin on a Tuesday and extend through Thursday of the following week.

The sponsoring organization may paint their approved design at any point within their reservation block.  No extensions of the reservation period will be approved.

  • While there is no required deadline, it is strongly recommended that the sponsoring organization complete their painting by Thursday of the week their reservation begins.  This will ensure a full week of display time (Thursday to Thursday).

Reservations will not be extended in the event of disruption due to inclement weather.


Sponsoring Organizations are limited to one reservation block per semester.

  • In the event that a reservation is significantly disrupted due to inclement weather or acts of vandalism/defacement, the sponsoring organization may request this limit be waived.  This request will be reviewed by the appropriate scheduler and accommodated when possible.

Co-sponsorships for the purposes of extending the same display design beyond one reservation block is prohibited

Painting Requirements/Restrictions:

The College reserves the right to recover the wall prior to the end of the sponsoring organization’s

  • Only latex-based paints may be used, oil-based paints are prohibited.
  • If changing the background color of the wall, the entire length and width of the wall must be covered. (NOTE: The wall will be recovered grey by Facilities between reservations.)
  • The sponsoring organization may not use red as the background color of their design.  Small amounts of red may be used within actual images depicted.
  • The sponsoring organization must clearly write in block letters “Sponsored by: <Full Name of Sponsoring Organization>” in their design
  • Aside from paint, no other materials may not be adhered or mounted to the wall (e.g., stapling or gluing paper)
  • The final design must not deviate significantly from the approved design.

The College reserves the right to end the wall prior to the sponsoring organization’s end date if any of the above requirements/restrictions are violated.